This is the place for Republic members to find all their Republic faction information.

Find our SWTOR republic chapter page here.

Head directly to our in-house Republic forums here.

Check out our official TCO Republic chapter recruitment thread. (Please post a friendly message to "bump" it).


Useful links for Republic information:

Check out the holonet timeline.

This is why we fight (Hope trailer).

Light Side design.


Jedi Consular links:

Jedi Consular forum @

Known Consular info

Finding Balance in the Force (Dev blog)

Consular trailer

Jedi Consular Basics (skill compilation)


Jedi Knight links:

Jedi Knight forum

Known Knight info

Knight progression video


Republic Smuggler links:

Smuggler forum

Known Smuggler info

Smuggler Trailer


Republic Trooper links:

Trooper forum

Known Trooper info

Trooper progression video


Don't forget - if you find any useful links to Republic info you'd like to share, let us know in the forums and we'll include them here.