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PostPosted: 11/07/2015 8:38:51 pm    Post subject:

Hit Veteran Rank 2 the other night on one toon, really still enjoying it really immersive stories! looking forward to getting a group with some TCOers going soon I hope!

PostPosted: 10/19/2015 9:42:08 pm    Post subject:

Yay Got Glorck in guild, was really fun hanging out with you and Theo!


PostPosted: 10/19/2015 6:56:49 pm    Post subject:

Theofrid wrote:

Well now you have to roll up an Argonian named Glargonian



I sent a friendvite to Rannon. I'm not sure if that's his character's name or not.

PostPosted: 10/18/2015 8:38:33 pm    Post subject:

Glorck wrote:

I have a level 9ish orc named Glorck. I just started playing last weekend.


Well now you have to roll up an Argonian named Glargonian, or else I'll be sad.

 Welcome to ESO! Got you friended and will send you a guild invite as soon as I see you online. (Rannon can invite too, if I'm not there.)

PostPosted: 10/18/2015 7:28:38 pm    Post subject:

Nice! We need to get you in guild now! Also what faction did you end up picking??

PostPosted: 10/18/2015 4:39:09 pm    Post subject:

I have a level 9ish orc named Glorck. I just started playing last weekend.

PostPosted: 10/17/2015 10:19:02 pm    Post subject:

Been Having a ton of fun so far in this game, Was really glad to run into Theo. If you all are interested i would suggest trying ESO out. Its a great game in many ways. Best storytelling in any MMO out there IMHO. And the combat is really fun and active. Also the crafting is pretty fun as well. Also if any of you do end up playing and want to be a werewolf i can turn one person every seven days Happy 

PostPosted: 10/17/2015 6:44:06 pm    Post subject:

 We interrupt this thread to provide the following image of Theofrid with Werewolf Rannon.

Werewolf Rannon: You Wouldn't Like Him When He's Angry.



PostPosted: 10/17/2015 6:36:34 pm    Post subject:

I've mostly played solo and with small pick-up groups, so I can't really speak to ESO's raid content. But I've tried just about everything else in the game, including PvP, and here are the major highlights:

  • Extremely flexible skill system -- any class can wield any weapon and wear any type of armor.

  • Compelling, well-written "main story" as you level up

  • Good small-group content in each zone, and an abundance of small-group content at the end-game.

  • PvP in one zone only (no ganking)

  • (Although, for PvPers, that one zone is huuuuge. And the PvP system is very well-thought-out.)

  • "Justice System" allows your character to burgle and steal from NPC's, if you are so inclined. (But it's not without risk.)

  • The recent expansion has been well-received, and another expansion is coming in November.


With those as main features, there are some smaller, but noteworthy, high points as well:

  • Dynamic combat -- watch your opponent and react to his actions for better results. (This was annoying until I learned the basics; then it became awesome.)

  • The game world is just gorgeous. Seriously well-done world-building here.

  • There are no quests that ask you to "Kill [X] number of [random beasts]." Every quest is a story, or part of a larger story.

  • Every quest is voiced -- no walls of text to read.

  • Character creation system is great -- lots of flexibility to create a unique look among the 10 races you can play.

  • Crafting system is well-designed and allows for some pretty impressive gear (and money-making opportunity)

  • I've seen almost no n00b-bashing in zone chat. The player base seems to be almost as mature as LotRO's was. (It's a different story in the PvP zone, of course, but that's PvP for ya.)

PostPosted: 10/17/2015 3:43:18 pm    Post subject:

First thing to note about Elder Scrolls Online is that it's a buy-to-play game. That's like free-to-play (there's no monthly subscription required), but with two big differences:

  • With buy-to-play, you do have to buy the game to start playing.

  • But after purchase, you have no restrictions on your account. Even if you don't subscribe.


Here's a more detailed breakdown of the differences:


 Play Type



 Examples  LotRO, SWTOR, WildStar Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2
 Game Cost  $0 (free) $40
 Subscription?  Optional Optional

 Restrictions on non-subscribers?

Typically, major restrictions on character slots, auction slots, zone/quest availability, etc No restrictions on non-subscribers
 Bonuses for subscribers?

 -Removal of F2P restrictions

-Store currency

-Various buffs to XP, in-game currency, crafting, etc

-DLC available free

-Store currency

-Various buffs to XP, in-game currency, crafting, etc

 Expansion Content (DLC)  Yes purchase required Yes, free for subscribers or can be purchased by non-subscribers




PostPosted: 10/17/2015 3:02:09 pm    Post subject: TCO, ESO, Theofrid, Rannon


I’m pleased to announce that a former TCO:LotRO superstar, Rannon, has joined TCO’s ranks in Elder Scrolls Online, thereby doubling that branch’s size. (Previous population: Me.)


I’d like to leverage this unanticipated growth spurt by mentioning that ESO is a really well-made game with no subscription required (details below). If anyone else from TCO wants to try it out, shoot me a message in-game (or leave an IM here at the forums) and I’ll see to it that you get kinned guilded.


I’ll post more information below. But first: A screenshot!

This is Rannon’s nighblade, left, and Theo’s orc Templar, right.