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re: Information about The Crescent Order

Greetings friends and visitors, and welcome to our player association forums. The Crescent Order is a group of people gathered together in the spirit of cooperation and friendship to combine our vision, ideas, and energies to maximize our enjoyment of the various massive multi-player online games we are involved in.

Established in the year 2001 to play Star Wars Galaxies (SWG), TCO has evolved to become a multi-game guild, currently engaged in EverQuest2 (EQ2), World of Warcraft (WoW), EVE and Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO). Throughout its evolution, one bar has remained constant for the group: The over-riding goal of creating and maintaining a fun atmosphere, conducive to the ongoing success and enjoyment of its membership.

It is the pursuit of that goal which helps create an environment inclusive towards many different playstyles. From hardcore to casual, combat to crafter, or achiever to socializer, TCO strives to welcome all areas.

[size=+1]Organizational Overview [/size]

For administration and guidance, The Crescent Order is supported by the following:

All Guilds are only as strong as their membership. Numbers mean little if membership is apathetic towards success whether in terms of in-game goals or creating general atmosphere. TCO demands excellence in the caliber of members she accepts because membership demands excellence in TCO. The pursuit of all TCO goals is ultimately based on the achievement and cooperation of her members, and through working together, membership defines the success of TCO.

Game Leaders/Officers
Each individual game is guided by a leadership core. Game leaders oversee the daily running of TCO groups in the games they represent. Game leaders and officers provide an extended reach throughout TCO by providing a bridge between their players and TCO

The Council is the administration and guidance body of The Crescent Order.

The TCO council is the guidance body of the guild. Current Councilors: Relan, Gegoran, DrRivCific, Lillyian, and, mzkovo.

[size=+1]Applying to The Crescent Order is easy. [/size]

1. Register on the TCO forums.
2. Post and tell us that you are interested in becoming a member and which game(s) you wish to play.
3. One of our recruiters, relevant to the game(s) you have specified, will contact you and get the process started.

The Crescent Order expects its members to be mature, active, and respectful. These qualities are cherished as they form the foundation of the atmosphere which the group strives to create.

For more information on the various games TCO officially supports visit Public Information forum or specific games forums for the following games:

Official TCO Games:

    Star Wars Galaxies
    EverQuest 2
    Lord of the Rings Online

Unofficial Games:

Or come visit our public Gaming Forums and see other games TCO members are involved in.

If you have any questions please ask on the boards or feel free to contact a Councilor or Game Leader/Officer.

We hope to see you on the boards and in game!

- Councilor
TCO Member

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re: Information about The Crescent Order

The links do not seem to work anymore.
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